SynCellEU visits the European Parliament to promote synthetic cell research

On 31 January, the European Synthetic Cell Initiative (SynCellEU) was invited to the European Parliament in Brussels for a working lunch with members of the European Parliament and high-level representatives of various national ministries. With the support of several researchers from our community, we had the opportunity to argue in favour of a dedicated budget to accelerate synthetic cell research in Europe and the development of sustainable technologies that result from this research.

The conversation focused on the future of synthetic cells and Europe’s crucial role in this technological revolution. We called for a dedicated research budget to keep synthetic cell research in Europe at the cutting edge and to give Europe the opportunity to lead the development of new sustainable innovations.

During the event, we also presented our current collective efforts to advance research and accelerate the development of new sustainable innovations based on it. These include our participation in the SYNBEE project, the organisation of the SynCell international conferences, and our assistance with grant applications such as the MSCA Doctoral Networks. Last year, for example, we were delighted to see that the SIGSYNCELL project, for which we helped create the consortium and submit the proposal, received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe programme.

The researchers who joined us spoke passionately about recent scientific advances in Europe and what synthetic cell research can bring to our society, mentioning for example the development of technologies capable of capturing CO2 more efficiently than nature itself.

We are continuing our efforts to promote and advance synthetic cell research. We are planning new activities for the coming year to support our community and foster collaboration. Would you like to take part in our activities? Join our community!