SYNBEE Pitch Competition

For researchers or entrepreneurs with disruptive solutions

The 2023 SYNBEE pitch competition will provide researchers/entrepreneurs with an opportunity to present their ideas to SYNBEE panels of renowned scientific experts and industry leaders to compete for expert advice, in-kind start-up support and potential funding. The deadline for applications is 8 December.

To apply, applicants must be researchers/entrepreneurs with a disruptive idea and project plan that is ready to be built into a start-up company. Level of academic training will not be taken into consideration, however, the project should demonstrate scientific excellence and applicants should be at a stage where they are ready to pursue the development of their project. Only applications from the field of synthetic biology will be considered and only applicants based and active in Europe,  Israel, Monaco, the UK, and Switzerland are invited to apply.

The solution must address a clear, proven unmet need and add value to the  following three categories: 

  1. Green Economy: Technology or platforms that aim to reduce environmental risks and ecological scarcities
  2. Blue economy: Technology or platforms that seek to conserve marine and freshwater environments while harnessing their value in sustainable ways to produce valuable resources like food and energy.  We include technology or platforms that focus on atmosphere/air here as well.  
  3. Sustainability: Technologies and platforms that help us meet our own needs without compromising the well-being of future generations. 

For more information on the pitch competition, visit the SYNBEE pitch competition page