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MOOCs on synthetic biology, biotechnology, bioprocesses and more

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  • Who this content is intended for: students, researchers and professionals wishing to deepen their knowledge of systems biology, synthetic biology, biotechnology, etc.
  • Keywords: synthetic biology, MOOC, course, biotechnology, bioprocesses, systems biology, synthetic cell research

MOOCs are massive open online courses. Below is a list of courses available on the subject of regulation and ethics. Do you have a resource to recommend? We’d love to hear from you!

Principles of Synthetic Biology
Course from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MITx)
Details: this introductory synthetic biology course starts with a brief overview of the field and then delves into more challenging yet exciting concepts. You will learn how to design your very own biological regulatory circuits and consider ways in which you can apply these circuits to real-world problems we face today.
Systems Biology and Biotechnology Specialization
Course from Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Details: participants will learn how to use experimental, computational and mathematical methods in systems biology and how to design practical systems-level frameworks to address questions in a variety of biomedical fields.
Introduction to Industrial Bioprocess Development
Course from Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
Details: The main purpose of the course “Introduction to Industrial Bioprocess Development” is to provide an overview of the common stages involved in this type of processes. The course is primarily aimed at students, researchers, and professionals with an interest in bioprocessing, biomanufacturing, or fermentation technology. Some knowledge of biology, biotechnology and/or biochemical engineering will be advantageous.