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MOOCs on regulation and ethics

Category: Online training
  • Who this content is intended for: all those interested in the relationship between technological innovations, ethics and society.
  • Keywords: synthetic biology, MOOC, course, ethics, regulation governance, policy

MOOCs are massive open online courses. Below is a list of courses available on the subject of regulation and ethics. Do you have a resource to recommend? We’d love to hear from you!

Engineering Life: Synbio, Bioethics & Public Policy
Course from John Hopkins University Duration: 13hours
Details: The objective of this course is to increase learners’ awareness and understanding of ethical and policy/governance issues that arise in the design, conduct and application of synthetic biology.
Responsible Innovation
Course from Delft University of Technology
Details: this course discusses the concept of responsible innovation, its meaning and its significance by addressing the societal implications of new technologies and showing how we might incorporate ethical considerations into technical innovations. This course is especially relevant for industry, public, and academic professionals working on developing innovative technologies and students following a traditional technical curriculum who are interested in key value questions attached to their studies.