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At SynCellEU, we believe that synthetic cell research cells is essential for developing greener, nature-inspired technologies that can contribute to a healthier, greener future. We want to advance research in this area and accelerate its translation into technology. With this in mind, we've created a knowledge base, to help anyone interested in this subject find the information they're looking for.

Accessible to all or specific to a certain audience?

Below we have compiled a number of resources on synthetic cell research and innovation: protocols, videos of scientific seminars, videos of public conferences, articles on the state of the art of this research, training for entrepreneurship, etc. Some of the content is aimed at everyone: it may be of interest to students, companies and anyone wanting to find out more about the progress of this research and the impact it could have on our society. Others are more specific to students or researchers, or require a more in-depth understanding of the field.

For each resource, we have therefore indicated whether it is aimed at everyone or whether the content is more advanced or specific to a certain audience (‘For all’ tag and ‘ Advanced/specific’ tag)

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Knowledge base

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