Synthetic biology in action: engineering synthetic systems (EMBO practical course)

Event date(s): 
Location: EMBL Heidelberg, Germany and Virtual

Course overview

Synthetic Biology (SynBio) has become a rapidly developing area for tackling a large number of challenges in life science research. This is due to a combination of foundational advances in technologies such as large-scale DNA synthesis and new methods that allow integrating such raw synthesis power into engineering approaches, including genome-wide small RNA regulation, dCas9-based regulation, and multiplexed genome engineering. Such fresh approaches fuel new types of biotechnological applications with immense impact on both fundamental science and society.

This course will be offered in both onsite and virtual format, with different modules available to each format, and will provide the best and most exciting novelties in the field and focus on exploiting tools and concepts of SynBio for multi-scale engineering of bacterial systems. The intensive schedule includes lectures by experts in the field, discussions, poster sessions, and, importantly, an experimental program.


The course is directed to PhD students and early post-doctoral researchers active in molecular biology, biotechnology, systems biology and bioengineering. The experimental focus will be on microbiological systems.

More information on the programme and registration here.