Cytoskeletal Motors – Gordon Research Conference

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Location: Portland, Maine, United States

Molecular Mechanisms of Motors Driving Cellular Movements

The 2024 GRC on Cytoskeletal Motors continues a tradition of over 50 years of GRCs focused on how molecular motors work. This meeting is a premier venue for highlighting the newest and most exciting research in the field, bringing together researchers from a variety of fields, including biophysicists, structural biologists, and cell biologists. It will feature leaders in the field studying the molecular mechanisms and diverse functions of a remarkable group of actin- and microtubule-based motors – the myosins, kinesins and dyneins. A major focus in this meeting will be on how fundamental studies of the structure and molecular mechanisms of motor proteins inform our understanding of their cellular roles. These include intracellular transport and trafficking and generating the movements of complex cellular assemblies such as mitotic spindles, cilia and the cell cortex. The activity of motors is regulated by autoinhibition and influenced by the nature and dynamics of their cytoskeletal tracks and discussion of progress in deciphering how motor function is controlled will also be featured. Mutations in cytoskeletal motors are associated with cancers, cardiac disease and neuropathies and the conference will also present new advances in understanding how motor dysfunction results in such diseases and how knowledge of motor function is leading to new drug therapies for their treatment. Sessions will include presentations from investigators at all career stages. In addition to invited speakers, talks will be chosen from submitted abstracts to enable the presentation of late-breaking results and active participation by junior scientists. There will be a strong emphasis on lively discussion following each talk with an atmosphere that encourages questions from students and postdoctoral fellows. Both the poster sessions and ample free time will promote informal scientific exchanges, fostering the development of new ideas and collaborations. 

Applications for this meeting must be submitted by 9 June

More information on the programme and registration here.