Three-year postdoctoral position on the development of synthetic cells for the treatment of prostate cancer

Location: Imperial College London, London, UK

The position, funded by Cancer Research and Prostate Cancer UK, combines microfluidic device engineering, membrane protein reconstitution and drug delivery towards the rapid production of next-generation synthetic cells designed to sense the prostate cancer microenvironment.

The position is aimed at outstanding scientists interested in developing skills in microfluidic device design and production, membrane protein reconstitution, on-chip synthetic cell production and their application to cancer biology and medicine. In this role you will be developing new approaches towards the integration of membrane proteins into lipid-based synthetic cells produced via microfluidics, building on recent advances in vesicle-based tumour sensing by the Membrane Biophysics Group. You will work across a highly multidisciplinary team composed of two research groups (Membrane Biophysics Group (Ces, Hindley) and Androgen Signalling and Prostate Cancer (Bevan)) plus collaborators in Cancer Imaging (Aboagye) and Nanotechnology (Kamaly) aiming to apply innovation in synthetic cell production to develop novel tumour-responsive delivery formulations. This outstanding multidisciplinary research environment also offers a broad range of staff support and career development opportunities.

Application deadline: 23 June 2024