PhD position on the Engineering of Symbiotic Relationships Between Artificial and Biological Cells

Location: TU Darmstadt, Germany
  • Supervisors: Prof Nico Bruns and Dr Andrea Belluati
  • Application deadline: 29 February

Project Description: This doctoral research project presents an engaging opportunity in bioengineering, centred on the study of interactions between man-made and biological cells. The primary objective is to craft artificial cells designed to establish effective relationships with natural cells, an idea with promising applications in healthcare and environmental science. The project will focus on fabricating synthetic structures equipped to contain bacterial elements. These artificial constructs are expected to interact synergistically with living yeast and insect cells, potentially offering mutual benefits. Furthermore, the project will investigate incorporating elements from photosynthetic bacteria into these artificial cells, aiming to uncover innovative ways in which artificial and natural cellular systems can cooperate.

For more information on the job description, please consult this page.