A look back at the SynCell2022 conference

SynCell2022, the International Conference on Engineering Synthetic Cells and Organelles conference is now over. It was great to see so many researchers from different disciplines come together and share their knowledge about synthetic cells.

How long will it take to build a cell and where will the first applications be?

We asked several participants these questions in our video below, which also looks back at some of the highlights of the event.

Next year’s conference will be held in Minneapolis, USA and will be hosted by Build A CellRead more about SynCell2023

In case you missed it

The Promise of Synthetic Cells – lecture from Marileen Dogterom available on YouTube
On the occasion of the SynCell2022 conference, Prof. Dr. Marileen Dogterom gave a public online lecture where she discussed the progress and challenges of building synthetic cells, described the potential for new technology, and the impact, risks, and opportunities of synthetic cells on society.

The lecture is available on YouTube: Public online lecture on the promise of synthetic cells by Marileen Dogterom